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  • About Registration and Stamps department in Telangana stateigrsAbout Registration and Stamps department in Telangana state21 Jul 2023

    About Registration and Stamps department in Telangana state

    Under the Registration Act 1908, the Sub Registrar, who is the competent authority to register the immovable properties, issue encumbrance certificate(E.C) by conducting search....

    Ceiling Surplus Land Telanganagovt landsCeiling Surplus Land Telangana22 Jul 2023

    Ceiling Surplus Land Telangana

    The ceiling surplus land means a citizen i.e., individual or family in India can hold the maximum extent of land Holdings. if it exceeds over and above, the ceiling limit is called ceiling surplus lan

    Inam Lands in Telanganagovt landsInam Lands in Telangana22 Jul 2023

    Inam Lands in Telangana

    Inam land, who holds inam land, is called inamdar.It means a person who received lands as inam Grant or gift rewarding the extraordinary service rendered to ruler.........

    Bhoodan Lands in Telanganagovt landsBhoodan Lands in Telangana27 Jul 2023

    Bhoodan Lands in Telangana

    Bhoodan Lands- “Bhoodan Yagna” Means the moment initiated by Sree Acharya Vinobha bhave for the acquisition of plans by way of donation for distribution to the landless poor persons or community

    Endowment Lands in Telanganagovt landsEndowment Lands in Telangana23 Aug 2023

    Endowment Lands in Telangana

    Charitable or endowment means all properties given or endowed for any charitable purpose. Charitable institution means any establishment formed for charitable purpose includes a specific endowment and

    Telangana RERAreraTelangana RERA03 Feb 2024

    Telangana RERA

    Explore project details on the RERA website. Click on "Registered Projects" and type in the Project Name, Promoter Name and RERA Registered Number. Click 'Search' to Know about the project.

    Telangana Real Estate Report 2023real estateTelangana Real Estate Report 202316 Feb 2024

    Telangana Real Estate Report 2023

    As we all know well that the Telangana formation Day celebrated on second June 2014 with a clear vision makes it a “Golden Telangana '' the Government vision is over all development irrespective of

    Metro Projects in HyderabadmetroMetro Projects in Hyderabad07 Mar 2024

    Metro Projects in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad city has undergone a sea change once many multinational companies started showing keen interest in developing the IT sector here.



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